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YUTECH AUTOMATION - The Sweetener To Success



YUTECH has successfully executed complete Power Plant Automations based on PLC and DCS Systems of different Platforms.

YUTECH Boiler Automation’s Special Features:


  • Draft Fan Speed Algorithm: YUTECH has developed an algorithm to set optimum speeds for the given Load Condition to ensure the best Combustion Condition.
  • Boiler Load Balancing Algorithm of Two or more Boilers: YUTECH has also developed a Special Totally Dedicated Algorithm for Load balancing of Two or more boilers.
  • Result: Optimum Combustion Saves Fuel and improve Carbon Footprint by way of reducing CO while reducing Excess Air to the Furnace thus also Saving Power for Draft fans.
All boilers run at exactly the same desired loads and Steam Pressures of each Boiler are always within 0.05 Bar of each other.



Screen Shot: Boiler Automation Overall


Screen Shot: Combustion Control

Load View Of Two Boilers

Screen Shot: Load View Of Two Boilers

Turbine Monitoring

Screen Shot: Turbine Monitoring

Power plant Automation Ensures Higher Efficiency:


  • Improved Efficiency by 2-55 depending on the Plant.
  • Improved Steam to Fuel Ratio due to increase in FW Temperature and increase in Boiler Efficiency (Please See Fuel Ratio Equation).
  • Optimum Combustion reduces Unburnt Fuel Losses this is evident from:
    • Decrease in Oxygen and Increase in Carbon Dioxide Percentage in Fuel Gas and the same time Reduction in excess Air Percentage.
    • Reduction in Fuel Gas carbon Monoxide Percentage.
    • Reduction in Excess Air means optimum usage of fan Drives and thus Power saving.
  • Maintained Steam Drum Level with Pressure Compensation Ensures Optimum Steam Generation while compensating.