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YUTECH has work experience on various Automation Platforms of DCS/PLC of all major manufacturers.

  • Automation System Designing & Engineering Services:
    • Project Consultancy Services:
      • Selection of Controller, I/Os and Communications as per Project requirement
      • Designing of Control System Architecture
      • Preparation of Panel Wiring Diagrams
      • Preparation of Panel As Built Diagram with Connection Details
      • Design of Control Panel
      • Selection of Instruments
      • Sizing of Flowmeters and Control Valves
      • Preparation of Instrument List
      • Preparation of I/O List with Ferruling Details
      • Preparation & Compilation of Controller, I/O & Instrument Datasheet
      • Preparation of Cable Schedule Details with Complete Ferruling Details from Field to Control Panel including JB
      • Cable Tray Routing & JB Marking on Plant Layout
      • Preparation of Marshalling Cabinet Diagrams and Connection & Ferruling Details
      • Preparation of Instrument Hook-up Diagram with Tag Details
      • Marking of Instrument with Tag Details on P and I Diagram if provided by client or making of new P & I Diagram as per System requirement
      • Preparation of Process Control Loop Schematic Diagram & Control Philosophy
      • Preparation of Process Control Algorithm & Flowchart
      • Preparation of Boolean Logic

    • Project Execution Services:
      • Assembly & Integration of Control System as per requirement
      • Establishment of System Communication
      • Development of Application Software as per Project requirement
      • Building of Control Logic on Logic Platform Software and its Deployment to the Controller and troubleshooting
      • Development of Application Oriented SCADA Software
      • Establishing Communication between the SCADA and Controller
      • Establishing the linkages between elements of SCADA and Controller
      • Development of Software for Customized Report Generation
      • Establishing Third Party Communications with the Controller
      • Physical verification of Inputs and Outputs
      • Undergo FAT and SAT
      • Installation and Calibration of Filed Instruments
      • Total Integration of the Control System with Field Instruments and Physical Signal Verification and Trouble Shooting
      • Installation and Commissioning of Automation System
      • Conducting Field Trials
      • Conducting Onsite System Training
      • Handing over the System to End User

Industrial Automation System Maintenance Services:
  • Maintenance of existing DCS System
  • Maintenance of existing PLC System
  • Maintenance of existing Automation System based on Standalone Controllers
  • Software Modifications as and when required
  • Addition of Process Control Loops, Logic Development and Modification
  • Loop Testing and Trouble Shooting
  • Establishing Third Party Communications with the Existing System if this facility is available in the Existing Controller
  • Up-gradation of Existing Control System
  • Undertaking of AMC for existing Automation System
  • Supply of Spares and Equipment for additional Loops

Field Instruments Maintenance Services:
  • Calibration of existing Field Instruments through HART Communicator / Keypad / Trimming Potentiometers
  • Field Instrument Maintenance
  • Control Valve Calibration and Maintenance
  • Control Loop Testing
  • Undertaking of AMC for existing Instrumentation System / Field Instruments
  • Supply and Commissioning of Field Instruments, Control Valves and Spares

  • Providing Hands on Training on Various Automation Platforms to Field Engineers at Factory Site
  • Conducting Hands on Training Programs for Various Automation Platforms to Client Engineers at our Training Center
  • Conducting Hands on Training Programs for Engineering and Technical Students on:
    • Basic PLC Orientation and Programming
    • PLC based Control Applications
    • PLC Communications
    • SCADA Development
    • Project Documentation
    • Field Instrument Application, Installation, Testing and Calibration